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  • To access the portal after you have set it up, you simply need to click on the Portal Link above.

  • If you forgot your user ID and password, please do not attempt to reset it or guess it. The "forgot password" and "forgot user ID" options do not work. After 3 failed attempts at your password, your account will be locked and inactivated automatically (and permanently). Call 919-825-3600 for us to reset your password and locate your user ID

Telehealth E-Visit Advice

The portal is your access point for the video-telehealth visit.  It is easy, and even easier if you prepare your device.

  1. Camera and microphone access. Be sure that your the settings on your device's browser allow "yourhealthfile" to access the camera and microphone. On your device, check "settings", select the internet browser you intent to use to access the portal (safari, google chrome, etc), and then select the camera to check that it is set to "allow". Do the same for the microphone.

  2. Clear the browser/browsing history on your device. While still in the settings for the browser, clear the browsing history.

  3. Checking in. At the appointment time, log into the portal. Select the correct child from the drop-down menu at the top of the portal welcome page. Then click on the "Appointment Check-in" yellow tile. Follow the prompts (or "next" through them). Once you click "Complete Check-In Process", please be sure to indicate ALLOW when your device asks you if yourhealthfile can access your camera and microphone. Please call if you run into any trouble along the way. We understand.

Portal Guide

To set up your access to the patient portal for the first time:

  1. Find the portal invitation email. You need to check the email you provided on your child's registration packet. If you do not remember which email you provided, please call 919-825-3600 for guidance. Follow the link on the portal invitation email that Dr. Mack sends you after your first visit. The invitation email is from "HF Alerts", so be sure to check your junk/spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox. The invitation link expires after 72 hours. Dr. Mack can send you a new invitation if you do not get to it in time. If prompted for a date of birth, enter your date of birth. If that date of birth does not work, use your child's DOB. Use the drop-down menus to enter the date of birth, starting with selection of the year first.

  2. Then, delete the invitation email after you set-up the portal. It is useless after the portal is set-up and can actually lock you out of the account. You must use the portal access link at the top of this page to access the portal.

  3. Keep a secure record of your user ID and password. Do write down the user ID and password that you create for the portal access. If you forget your user ID and password prior to completing the portal registration detailed below, then we will have to start this process over from the beginning.

  4. Proceed to portal registration via the portal link on Mack Pediatrics website. See below on some guidance and FAQs for portal registration.

FAQs for portal registration (takes less than 3 minutes if done right):

1.  How do I get through the initial portal registration quickly?

Easy and we're so glad you asked! Do not enter any information. Do not click in the data entry fields, even if they are outlined in red with a red star next to them. At the very top of each registration page on the portal, there is a little light blue box that you should check and then click the "next". Do that for every page until you get to the signature page. If you are using a smart phone, the "next" icon may be off of the right side of the screen. Swipe at the right side of the phone screen to reveal this "next" icon on each page; click the "next" icon on each page. After about 8 "next" clicks, you will arrive at the signature page. Make a quick signature; it can be two X-marks and not a real signature if you prefer. And that's it! Portal is set-up.

2. What is the portal for?

The portal gives you access to each of your children's chart. It allows you to check-in remotely to your child's check-up/wellness visit. During the COVID pandemic, the portal gives you access to telehealth, real-time, audio-visual appointments with Dr. Mack over your smart phone or computer. The portal also allows you to secure-message the doctor, request an appointment, pay the statement balance, request a medication refill, and view documents. Dr. Mack always keeps portal-accessible document files of the child's immunization (vaccine) record and insurance card on each child's chart. If you end up in an ER without your insurance card, it's on the portal. If you need your child's shot/vaccine record in a hurry, it is on the portal. Dr. Mack can even make completed excuse-notes and forms for school and camps accessible on the portal to save you a trip to the office.

3. The portal invitation sets up an account for me (the parent) as a patient. Why is that? Is it a mistake?...

No, it is not a mistake. You are the adult; your child is a minor. We are giving you access to all of your children's charts through you. Once your portal account is set-up, you will be able to use the patient drop-down menu to toggle between each of your children's charts. If you have another child, we can simply add that child to your access. The cool thing about this if that you get access to each of your children's chart with only one user ID and password to remember: yours.

4. So I should provide all of my personal information to Dr. Mack, including social security numbers and all of my personal medical history?

No, Dr. Mack does not want anyone's social security numbers or any extra details on parent's portal chart. Dr. Mack asks that you simply leave your information as it appears without changing anything. If you are making a lot of changes when you are setting up the initial portal registration, you are likely making the mistake from item number 2 & 3 above. If you are feeling lost and need guidance, just call us at 919-825-3600. Setting up the portal should take no more than 3 minutes. The only typing you should do is on the screen where you create your user ID, password and security questions. Everything else should be completed in a few clicks (less than 10 clicks).

5. I can't find the little light blue box from item 1?!

Things look different on different devices. On a smart phone, it may be hidden in the symbol of 3 horizontal lines at the top of the screen. Sometimes it is on the right top of the screen. Depending on the formatting of your device, you may have to swipe or scroll the screen to the right to see this light blue box or the 3 horizontal line symbol.

6. I have a picture or form I want to email Dr. Mack. Can I do that?

No, you cannot upload documents or pictures to the portal. This is not in our control. The IT security folks in charge of the portal will not allow you to upload files onto the portal.

7. So, how I do I electronically send Dr. Mack a picture/photo or a form?

You cannot email or electronically send us a photo or form. You can tell the receptionist which form you need and which school/camp. Most forms are available online, which we can access directly from the source if you provide the information. If you prefer, you can fax or US-mail us any form. For a photo of a physical finding on/about your child, you can schedule an appointment for Dr. Mack to see what you are trying to show her. During the COVID pandemic, you can arrange an e-visit (telehealth audio-visual real-time appointment) with Dr. Mack using the portal. Then, with good lighting and a cooperative child, Dr. Mack can see what you are trying to show you. Telehealth is only available as a covered service by insurance during the COVID pandemic, and can be utilized for a variety of needs/problems. In an ideal world, it is much better for Dr. Mack to examine your child in-person.


8. How do I send Dr. Mack an email?

Log into the portal, select the child in question from the patient drop-down menu, and select "message a provider". Dr. Mack requests that you not send urgent medical questions to her over the portal, as she will only see these messages when she is logged into our system. For an urgent questions (injury, high fever, asthma attack, seizure, pain, etc), please call 919-825-3600 at any time if your child is an existing patient, or dial 911.

9. I never receive a notification when Dr. Mack replies to me. Why?

The portal reply messages are going straight to your spam/junk email. If you want to see the email notification that you have a new portal message, be sure to mark this email as safe (not spam):

10. Where is the form I requested (or vaccine-shot-immunization record) located on the portal?

Log into the portal, select the child in question from the patient drop-down menu, and select light teal-green "review medical record" tile. Then, select documents (on the left side of screen), followed by patient documents (just below it). You should see the PDF printable image files on the right side of the screen. If you are having difficulty still, just call 919-825-3600 and we'll figure it out.

11. Is the portal safe, HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, the portal and telehealth through the portal is 100% HIPAA compliant. That's why we use it.

12. I can't remember my password or user ID. What do I do?

Call 919-825-3600. Please do not attempt to guess the password more than twice, or your account with be permanently deactivated. Dr. Mack can reset your password, and discover your user ID. Have a pen & paper handy when she calls you back, because the computer-generated password is weird. You can change the password to something more reasonable later.


13. How do I check into my child's appointment (usually wellness)?

Log into the portal, select the child in question from the patient drop-down menu, and select yellow "appointment check-in" tile. If you have a balance, you may pay that on check-in using the portal, or select the box "pay in-person" at the bottom of the screen. Review each page of information for overall correctness, and the proceed to the next page (either click next or swipe at the right side of the phone screen to make the next link appear). There are 2-4 lists of questions specific to each type of wellness visit, so be sure to answer all of the questions on each list, and click SAVE before navigating to the next page. You must click SAVE or your answers will be lost when you navigate to the next screen. Once you have completed all of the pages of the check-in process, click the final button that says "complete check-in".  Please try to complete this 1-2 nights before your child's wellness check to allow you time to contact us in the event of technical difficulties. We do require the appointment check-in to be completed prior to arrival for the wellness visit. If the check-in is not done by the time your child's appointment, your child's appointment may need to be rescheduled.


Again, please call us 919-825-3600 if you experience any technical difficulties. We are here to help.

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